Saturday, May 21, 2011

Aiden at 12 months

 Birthday cake with Mammaw & Pappaw

 New bath toys

 First macaroni and cheese - yummy


Aiden's First Birthday

I can't believe my baby is already 1 year old.  This year has flown by so fast.  I planned a fun playdate for his birthday celebration.  He caught the sniffles a few days before, so instead of the 15 people that I originally planned for we had only a few.  We still had a good time though.  He's just like his mommy in that he'd rather have the icing than the cake.  Happy Birthday Aiden!!

 Ooooo, what are those?

 Make a wish!

 How many babies can play with the walker at a time?

Aiden at 11 months

 Aiden loves his new walker

 Hmmm decisions, decisions

 Bedia, you're in the way.

 No, seriously, move!

 Crawling over Bedia.  She's such a good girl.

 Daddy's little helper

 Look what I found under the mat in my play yard!

Bathtime fun

Milk Makers Go To Storyville

At one of the local libraries in Baltimore they have a really neat educational exhibit called Storyville.  Young children can come to explore different areas to play and learn.  There are books at each station relevant to that activity with a small children's library in the back.  They have an infant area with baby board books and some toys.  We went when Aiden was about 4 months old and took another trip back in January.  He's still a little too little for it, since he's not walking yet but we had a good time with our friends.  He kept trying to put everything in his mouth, so I spent most of the time taking things away from him so he didn't drool on everything.  We did have a milestone while we were there - he figured out how to climb stairs!

 This banana doesn't taste right.

 Future grillmaster

Everybody make a break for it!

Aiden at 10 months

 Touchdown!  GO COLTS!

 Aiden's first meat - chicken...mmmm

 Why is Mya in my bouncy seat?

 I remember those guys.  If you pull the frog he sings.

 Having fun with our new friend Dillon

 A preview of what's to come

 Vying for Daddy's attention

 While brushing my teeth I peeked in to see what he was doing and this is what I found.  He was sweetly "reading" his books.  The cutest thing!

Christmastime at Mammaw & Pappaw's House

 Conked out watching Purdue basketball with Daddy

 Aiden's first bath in the big bathtub

Fun with Cousin Logan

The Bailey Grandkids

Christmas Day
 Good morning and Merry Christmas!!

 Bedia enjoyed the treats Santa left for her too

 Taking a break at the Indy Auto Show - minivan shopping has begun

 Logan and Aiden played so well together

All bundled up for Christmas at the Zoo